JK, Baking

Custom desserts prepared for you

Our Services:
Family Recipes/Dinner Parties/Meetings/Custom Gifts

Family Recipes
-Let us borrow your time honored traditional recipes, and we will bake them for you
-Perfect for family gatherings, holidays, birthdays

Dinner Parties
-Consult with us to determine the perfect finale for your venue
-We will prepare a homemade dessert to compliment any menu

-Whether you are hosting a meeting at a place of business or in the comfort of your living room, we will provide you with outstanding baked goods to keep everyone alert

Custom Gifts
-We will prepare beautifully wrapped, unique packages
-Perfect for the holidays (mail carriers, daycare providers, bosses, teachers)
-You can personalize your gift to your liking 
Sampler of mini-baked goods 
Unique packaging (antique plates, cloth covered boxes) 
-"Crush box" 
We will deliver an anonymous package of amazing desserts to your secret crush. To find out who you are, your crush must call and provide us the name of his/her own secret crush. 
    If the names match, you both win! 
    If not, your crush has received a great gift and still won't
    know who you are
    Perfect for Valentine's Day or New Year's Eve